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Hypno Drama is part of The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Actress, hit song writer, radio presenter, hypnotherapist, trainer and life coach.

Julie is an international trainer and life coach. Although Julie is British she has had a very successful career in the United States and has now moved back to the UK. Her success in the media includes movies, stage, TV and radio.


Among her many skills she has unique experience in method acting and impressions. She will use these talents to take you on a journey of discovery and reinvention which will have a profound effect on you, and may even transform your life.


Unlike most trainers Julie doesn't just tell you how it’s done, she shows you how it’s done. She insists on working with small groups so she is able to give personal attention to each student.


Her dedication to understanding the needs of others provides her with exceptional insight in how to bring about change in others.


Her enthusiasm and wonderful sense of fun and encouragement of students is refreshing.