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Hypno Drama is part of The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Julie Macauley

Julie has vast experience delivering success coaching workshops in the USA. Having being a talented actress from a very early age, she has a unique insight into what makes the stars successful and how they keep their confidence high.

About Julie

About Julie

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What is Confidence?

Confidence is a positive feeling arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities, which means that you’re able to beat all the challenges in your life!

We need confidence in ALL areas of our life, from getting up in the morning til we go to bed at night each and everyday. We face many different challenges from relationships, work, health, education, finance and planning the future. If we don’t have an abundance of confidence we can find that small things throw us off track, slow us down and cause anxiety. Confidence is something that you are born with, anxiety is something that you learn. The task of this workshop is to bring back the confidence and release the anxiety in a fun way that does not seem like work.

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Your confidence is within you you just need to let it out.
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“Do social situations fill you with dread? At parties do you spend a lot of time on your own?”

You know you have the confidence but where is it?

About Julie

In this workshop we combine Julie’s skills and knowledge as an international drama teacher and a therapist using Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques developed by The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The Institute’s directors have not only many years of experience at the most senior levels of the Hypnotherapy profession but also extensive experience in motivating, coaching and training both the business professional and people from all levels and walks of life.

The skills you will develop at this workshop will help you influence all areas of your life. Through drama and visualisation you will take on these abilities in a natural and easy way without realising what’s happening but just feeling different, better, stronger and more confident. Often we find other people notice and comment on the changes before you have even realised it yourself.

About Julie

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About Julie

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